If you're interested in being on the Podcast, would like me to speak at one of your events or simply want to chat, here is my contact information: 

(570) 217 - 3241

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I'm a husband, father, marketer, and podcaster.

Relish The Journey was born out of my constant search for "more." I've always been goal-oriented and looking for new challenges to tackle. This obsession with personal growth and enlightenment has taken me here - with all of you. 


As an avid podcast listener, I spend every morning walking my dog and consuming content from giants like Tony Robbins, Bobby Bones, and Gary Vaynerchuck. One day I decided that I had something to say as well. The rest is history - what started as just a podcast has now grown into a media and consulting company.


The goal is not to be pretentious or preachy. I'm simply an ordinary guy trying to make something extraordinary out of life. 

I'd be honored to have you join me through the podcast or through my additional services. 



We're often blind to our own limiting beliefs and behaviors, but the word "accountability" does not have to be scary. If you are truly passionate about what you are doing...
One-On-One Accountability Coaching
45 min
Recurring plans opt.