• Myles Biggs

Episode 76 - Action, Action, Action (featuring Dennis McGinley)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Mindfulness, positivity, grit and entrepreneurship - all rolled into one guest.

Meet my coach, Dennis McGinley. Founder of Strivent Coaching and author of Impression.

I met Dennis on a networking app about 5 months ago. I was searching for podcasts guests and he was searching for potential people to invite into a community he is curating around passionate and motivated individuals.

Lucky for me, I fit the bill!

As an athlete growing up, I've always had a coach. Why it never occurred to me to seek out a coach for professional and personal reasons, I do not know. Regardless, I'm thrilled we stumbled into one another - you'll hear more about this in the episode.

Since starting in one of the Strivent Mastermind groups, my life has seen dramatic changes. I've stopped drinking, I've started meditating, I've gotten back into exercising, I've changed careers, etc. Most importantly, I'm a happier person.

It's amazing what a little accountability can do.

If you are at all interested in "actualizing your potential" as Dennis advocates, I would be happy to talk to you more about my experiences with the program - Myles@RTJMedia.com.

Listen to Episode 76 Now.


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