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Episode 35: Adventure, Fun, Trust (featuring Leah Carmichael)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

From Easton, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California, Leah is taking life as it comes.

It’s interesting how two people can start out in the very same place – with similar opportunities and interests – and end up on opposite sides of the country.

Listen now.

Leah and I went to the same high school, where both swam competitively and were in several of the same classes. I’d say we were in different social circles, but every once and a while they overlapped with a common acquaintance or friend. But, since high school and then College, we’ve kept in touch a bit thanks to the power of social media.

It’s because of social media that I’ve been able to follow Leah’s journey from Easton to Pittsburgh, then on to Arizona and now in California. So, with that in mind, I reached out to her to see if she’d be interested in sharing her story. Without truly knowing what she was getting into, she agreed to a conversation for the podcast.

What struck me most about the conversation was Leah’s laid-back attitude about some pretty big life decisions. I mean, the thought of packing up my life and just moving to Arizona or California stresses me the hell out. But she’s calm, cool and collected.

I really enjoyed a quote she shared about navigating through life’s challenges:

Just because you take a step back, doesn’t mean you have to start over.

No matter what you may hear me say in this podcast or others about hating high school, I’ll always have some Red Rover pride buried deep somewhere. It was great to see another Easton kid going out and giving the world some hell.

Listen to the full episode here.


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