• Myles Biggs

An Incredible Rollercoaster

How Eve Baum started the Military Apparel Company and is teaching entrepreneurship to her kids.

Listen now:

A native of Quebec, Eve chose the United States to be her home country and married a military man. Her initial business, creating and selling purses, took an incredible twist when she received a unique request from a member of the military. The rest is history!

When I initially interviewed Eve, we were truly at the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine process. Her company has been hard at work making masks to assist everyone right now. This was a great interview to highlight the spirits of both entrepreneurism and patriotism.


Watch Eve Baum on FOX - https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6038931039001/?fbclid=IwAR36oihCaX6xFSaTUl-OBUPjwMu1F4-vT28qDF1iFb_SrnUb0h_u2mV_1qo#sp=show-clips

Visit her online: https://www.militaryapparelcompany.com/


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