• Myles Biggs

Do Your Thing, with Audree Grubesic

Another installation of HerStories In Housing.

Myles Biggs and Audree Grubesic pose for a photo at the 2020 International Builders Show

I caught up with Audree Grubesic at the 2020 International Builders Show. We dove into her experiences as a woman in the housing industry and her love for building companies.

Listen now.

Unlike other interviews I have done, this one was done with lavaliere mics and my iPhone, standing in the corner of the Las Vegas Monorail terminal. It was so much fun "running and gunning" and collecting content from all over the trade show!

For more information on Audree, and her company Modular Sure Site, visit https://www.modularsuresite.com/

HerStories in Housing is a PR effort the Housing Innovation Alliance is launching in partnership with Dave Cooper, a modular builder and vlogger, and Myles Biggs, host of Relish the Journey podcast, to showcase women who are leading in all facets of homebuilding and the housing value chain.



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