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Be Your Own Validation

Stop waiting for someone else's blessing.

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I am a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuck. The guy is just unapologetically himself -- 100% of the time. From the way he talks, how he dresses and the energy he brings into the room, you know you're not going to get anything but the cold-hard truth from Gary. I follow his social media accounts and some hashtags that his content team straight-up dominates, so I see Gary Vee content multiple times a day.

Recently, I came across a video that captured a one-on-one moment Gary had with a fan during a meet and greet event. The gentleman was asking Gary for advice on how to balance his pursuits in life and in work. After a few Gary Vee truth bombs, the fan simply shook his head and said:

Yeah. I know. I was thinking that.

Now, I am no Gary Vee, but I also had a similar experience recently. Someone I went to college with reached out to me for advice. They were completely stressed out about performing a task at work in a co-worker's absence. This task was well within my previous schoolmates wheel house, but he was insecure about performing it without talking to the person who is the company expert.

I heard him out and then simply asked him if he had taken the time to Google the task. Or to search some relevant keywords or phrases on YouTube to see how other experts accomplish the same task. I reminded him of his own skill sets and reassured him that he had the ability to get this done.

His response?

I know. I know. You're right. I just needed to hear it from someone other than myself.

Just think about the enormous amount of time we all spend worrying about a task versus actually working towards completing a task.

The time spent wondering if we'll be good enough.

The time spent obsessing over what other people will think.

The thousands of hours in search of external validation.

What if we were our own validation?

What if we skipped this middle step of coulda-shoulda-woulda and took the express train from inspiration to execution?

What would our lives look like?

How much more would we have accomplished?

My challenge to you this week (and every week) is to be your own validation. Spend some time reflecting on these questions I have just posed and identify something you've been putting off because you have not received validation on it.


Sure, you may fail. And, you know what? You probably will. But you can fail three times or more in the time you spend agonizing over whether or not to even start. As long as you keep going, those "failures" are just setbacks. They're moments of learning. Start collecting them and using them to take ownership of your own life.


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