• Myles Biggs

Episode 83: Bent, Not Broken

A short, solo episode sharing some thoughts from a hike in the woods.

Relish The Journey podcast Episode 83

A few weekends ago, my dog Josie was exhibiting signs of cabin-fever. The "zoomies" as I have heard fellow dog owners call it. Basically, she was alternating between running in circles in the living room and pouncing on me whenever I sat down. Poor girl needed some exercise. With Autumn in full swing, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a hike with her.

I love hiking. It's exhilarating to shed the strings of our modern, hyper-connected world and simply reconnect with nature and all of her sights and smells.

It has stormed recently, so Josie and I had to traverse several fallen branches and trees. She was in her element! Now, for content, my dog is a total wuss. She gets scared at the slightest increase in sounds and often scares herself throughout normal habits like eating. But, when she gets outside, it's almost like I can see glimpses of her primal instincts. She transitioned from timid to confident and was bounding across trails and jumping over branches with ease. That got me thinking about how humans can exhibit similar behaviors. When we're outside of our comfort zones we often act in a ways that don't truly align with our core identities.

Listen to Episode 83 now, for more of my thoughts on this.

At one point, we came around a bend and saw a tree completely bent over. It was still rooted into the ground, however the top was bent over the trail and touching the ground on the other side. It was bent, but not broken. I took a picture and used it for the episode artwork you see here.

Again this got me thinking.

How often do we feel broken, but we're really only bent? It seems like the world is ending but that truly is not the case. Humans, just like trees, are more resilient than we often acknowledge.


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