• Myles Biggs

Do you live in Who-Ville?

Or do you live in What-Ville?

The first episode of Season 2 of the Relish The Journey podcast

We may be a few months removed from the Holiday season and the wide-spread relevance of The Grinch; however, my fellow parents of toddlers will vouch for me when I say that the two-year-old will does not care about the seasonality of content.

We are still watching The Grinch in my house – along with Frozen and a variety of titles starring Santa Claus.

On what felt like the hundredth iteration of this holiday classic, I realized just how perfectly named the Whos really are.

You won’t find a single child glued to a screen. Instead, they all play outside and with one another. Likewise, the parents seem to enjoy one another’s company and watch out for all the children in their town, not just their own

If we’re honest with ourselves – this is not us. We would be more aptly named Whats, Whys, Whens or Hows, rather than Whos. Our hustle and grind culture celebrates material objects and short term achievement more than it does interpersonal connections.

But – good news! That can change!

As you go about your workday today, I challenge you to keep this question in the back of your mind:

Am I living in WHO-ville or WHAT-ville?

Whenever you find yourself veering off into selfishness, course correct your intentions back to the greater good and on others.

You’ll be surprised how this intention on others over yourself will result in greater payoffs in all areas of your life.

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