• Myles Biggs

Episode 27: Emergency Room Reflections

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

My son had his first trip to the ER and it sent my head spinning.

The first year as a parent is truly a year of firsts. From that first smile and first word, to the first time they crawl and then eventually walk; it's a year of incredible joy.

And anxiety.

Am I doing this right? As a newcomer to the journey of parenting, I'm convinced we all ask ourselves this question.

This episode was born out of a personal journey entry I made after taking Mason to the hospital. I figured that other people would relate to the things going through my brain.

I'm not going to type out everything I say in the Podcast, but the theme was really appreciation. Appreciation of the fact that my son is not sick more often, that he's not a cancer patient and not in need of a major surgery. Claire and I took him in for a breathing treatment and sitting there we saw plenty of other parents with their kids in way more serious conditions than ours.

My hope is that the episode may help some of you look at things in your life a little differently. I'd love to hear from you in the comments.


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