• Myles Biggs

Episode 100: Next, Stop 200

From a podcast that began with interviewing my family and friends, Relish The Journey is now a movement which has grown beyond expectation.

Myles Biggs, host of Relish The Journey posing with a microphone to commemorate Episode 100.

I played around for what to do for this landmark episode for quite some time. 100 episodes is a BIG deal. Not just for me, but for the whole podcasting industry.

With over 800,000 podcasts out there, a majority of shows die out after just 7 episodes. So, making it to 100 is a real badge of honor in the podcasting community.

And I appreciate you all so much for listening!

One of my favorite things to see is, that after years of doing this, people still go back and listen to Episode 1. And as I stroll through the episode list, it's wild to see how far this show has come.

The first episodes are my family members and close college friends. Some of these people I called out of the blue and asked if I could record our talk -- all before the show was live. I'm forever grateful that they agreed to be guinea pigs.

It's clear to me that I gained some real confidence around Episode 30 with Jay Velar - this was the first episode where I had never met the guest before. From there, I had the bug. I began interviewing previous contestants on shows like Chopped and Shark Tank, influencers in the adoption community, viral LinkedIn stars, what feels like half of Minneapolis, international non profits, singer songwriters in Nashville, DC lobbyists, Fortune 500 execs, music producers, the list goes on.

I’ve played with the show format and questions, but without fail I have asked everyone to describe their journey or life so far in three words.

Know what’s amazing?

Out of all the three word phrases or single word combinations - zero of them end on a negative note.


I continue to be so inspired by how vulnerable my guests are, and how I can take everyone’s successes and draw a correlation back to the power of positive mindsets.

As I reflect back on just under 2 years and 100 episodes of podcasting, I’ve found that learning about other people has taught me the most about myself. I started this as a side hustle and a way to fulfill a creative itch. It’s taken me to speak on international stages about podcasting, I’ll be a TEDx speaker soon, it’s gotten me coaching clients, I made a big career move and I’m launching a second podcast for that employer, writing a book, on and on.

By spending 100 episodes asking other people about their Journeys and documenting my own I have forced myself on a weekly basis to actually relish it all and not just let it slip.

Here's to Episode 100 and the next stop - 200.



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