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Episode 49: Kindred + Co (feat. Hannah Eloge

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

There are many sides to adoption and Hannah has formed a true community to acknowledge them all.

This episode is a true reflection of the old saying “the show must go on.” I had totally lost my voice and was slamming throat-coat tea (shout out, this stuff is awesome) to even get to where I was in this one.

Thankfully, Kate Williard was there to take over the hosting hat and bring the episode home. (I keep telling her she should have her own podcast about adoption. If you agree, blow her up in the comments so we get this going!)

Hannah Eloge is the founder of Kindred + Co, which stands for Kindred and Community.

As Hannah and her husband started their adoption journey, they were hungry for stories of people just like them and stories from the other legs of the adoption triad. When she couldn’t really find a place she felt comfortable - she created one.

Our conversation around starting the business and her personal adoption journey got incredibly deep. I’m grateful for Hannah’s willingness to be so open and vulnerable.

The conversation surrounding adoption is important. It’s been an amazing experience, and eye-opening, for me to hear the stories of Kate, Ashley and Hannah. And there are so many more out there!

I hope you listen with an open mind and hat his prompts you to research further. Whether you want to adopt or not, it will give you a greater appreciation for those around you - guaranteed.

Listen to Episode 49 Now.


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