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Episode 65: Education, Leadership, Determination (feat. Tyler Cuddeback)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Hear all about what it takes to thrive as an independent educational leadership consultant.

Let's go to college!

For Tyler Cuddeback, this phrase is more than just the perhaps, impassioned words of a graduating high school senior, it's the name of his business.

Let’s Go To College! was founded on the idea that no student should have to navigate the murky waters of the future alone. Every student’s journey is unique. Tyler provides services to assist students and their families whether they are the first members of their families to go to college, want to attend a school in another county, or even a future MENSA member trying to start their career with the best education.

Tyler is also the host of the "How Do I Get That Job?!" podcast, where you can learn more about Relish The Journey in Episode 10.

Listen to Episode 65 now.

Beyond any recap of this episode I could give, Tyler's own words tell his story the best. Here is an excerpt from the "about" section of his website:

"I was raised in a single parent household. My mom has spent the last 25 years working at the US Post Office. I am what is know as a “First Generation Student” because I am the first generation of my family to receive a college degree.

Because of that, when I was picking majors and colleges as a high school student, I was completely lost. I knew nothing about the importance of alumni networks or how they can help you find your first job after school. I was misinformed about the financial aid process. When it came to college selection, I had very little guidance. My high school guidance counselor had over 300 students she had to cater to. Although well intentioned, my family operated on decades old information and stereotypes about colleges, majors, and the job market.

I was lucky to meet some very helpful admissions counselors throughout my college search who taught me the importance of a college education and set me on the path to get one. Once I was in college, I blossomed. I was a triple major in International Business, Marketing, and Asian Studies. I learned to speak Mandarin Chinese, and was even hired by my Alma Mater to be the translator for a study abroad trip to China. If it were not for those counselors that helped me while I was in high school, I don’t know where I would be today. I certainly wouldn’t have had the same opportunities that I have taken advantage of throughout my life.

Once I got to school, I knew it was my duty to ensure that no one else would have to navigate the murky waters of the college admissions process alone ever again. I started my career in admissions as an Overnight Host and Tour Guide for Elmira College, before joining University of Delaware’s admissions team as an Admissions Counselor. After nearly a decade of working in Admissions and a career that spans four different institutions, I have gained even more knowledge and experience that I now want to pass on to the next generation of college goers. That is why I founded “Let’s Go To College!”. After a decade of helping schools find the best students, now I help students find the best school for them!"


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