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Episode 69: Creative, Magical, Passion (featuring Nick Mann)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

A man set on turning dreamers into doers through motivational designs.

Nick Mann hails from Washington State and is the founder of TyypoPrints - an online purveyor of motivational prints and designs.

So, you may be asking yourself: how did a guy from Central Pennsylvania get to know someone on the opposite end of the country? This time, the answer is deeper than my typical Instagram DM strategy or cold-email tactics.

Nick and I met as part of STRIVENT Mastermind - an online community and coaching service where entrepreneurs, business leaders and motivated people from all across the country network and hold each other accountable to their goals. There will definitely be more interviews from this group in the future. This group has been a life-changer for me!

So, while I knew Nick from our Mastermind calls, he and I had not had a one-on-one conversation prior to this podcast recording. Nick is a super interesting guy! He completely believes in the power of being positive. He started Tyypo Prints as a side-hustle while pursuing a career in graphic design - or visual problem solving, as he describes it - but quickly realized that the corporate world wasn't necessarily for him and that he would be better off controlling his own destiny.

This episode is great for anyone considering the leap of starting their own business. Or, anyone seeking encouragement while navigating some of their own ups and downs.

Listen to Episode 69 Now.

As a special perk for Relish The Journey listeners, Nick is offering a promo code at Typpo Prints for a limited time. So, head over to www.tyypoprints.com and enter code RELISH to receive 10% off your purchase at checkout.


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