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Episode 87: Unstoppable By Design

This episode features Catherine Rhoden-Goguen and Matt Rifenburg, two complete strangers who met online and then wrote a play about Matt's life.

Unstoppable by Design Play
Even though Cat and Matt started out as strangers, they've become fast friends.

I was sitting at work one day and felt the all-too-normal vibration of my cell phone. I glanced down quickly, assuming it was my wife sending a quick note, only to see a number I did not recognize and a message that made me smile.

"Hey Myles, I found your podcast on iTunes and just subscribed to your email list. I have a story that would be great for your show."


This was the first time a complete stranger had sent me a cold text and pitched me on getting on the podcast. That alone intrigued me enough to engage. I had no idea what I was in for.

Cat and Matt met online in the comment string of an article on Quora. Cat is a retired high school teacher and playwright and Matt is a mechanical engineer currently working on a chemical weapons destruction projects for the government. After learning a bit about Matt's life, Cat asked permission to write a play about his life. He agreed.

Unstoppable By Design was born.

This was such a fun episode to record because Cat did with a play, what I am doing with this podcast. Finding seemingly ordinary people who have extraordinary stories to share and then working to spread those stories to the rest of the world.

Listen to Episode 87 and be sure to check out Cat's website for more details on the play and check back too to Matt's website, which isn't live at the time of this post, but he hopes to have up and running soon.


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