• Myles Biggs

Episode 95: The Unseen Work: An update on my TEDx audition

What I learned from auditioning for TEDx Williamsport.

Myles Biggs TEDx Williamsport

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my passionate recap of how I felt after my audition for TEDx Williamsport.

In this episode, I update you on that journey. Did I get the gig? Listen and find out!

Regardless of the outcome, I learned an incredible amount from this process. Having to take my big idea worth spreading and boil it down to a succinct five minutes, forced me into a cycle of writing and editing like nothing else I have ever done. I was constantly dictating ideas into my phone while walking the dog or stopping in the middle of a workout at the gym to type an idea down before I lost it. I event recorded versions of the talk on my podcast equipment so I could listen to it back over and over to further dial it in.

I learned that I am capable of amazing things. Things that I often rationalize to myself are not possible. If you're guilty of the same, I hope you take something away from this episode.

Listen now.


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