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Episode 99: Entrepreneur, Incredible, Fun

The secret to becoming a startup superstar with Steve Kahan.

Steve Kahan on Relish The Journey Podcast

Steve Kahan is a serial entrepreneur who has had great success in moving from the corporate world to the startup arena. In this episode he shares wisdom gained from over 30 years of experience growing six different startup companies from early stages to public offerings or outright sales -- resulting in over $3 billion in shareholder value.

That is "billion" with a "B"!

Steve is currently the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Thycotic, which is his seventh startup adventure. His mission is to inspire teams and organizations to take on impossible odds and succeed. He is especially interested in helping young professionals who feel stuck in the corporate world and are looking for a way to ignite their careers.

This passion led him to come on the podcast, but also to author a book: Be A Startup Superstar. Available on Amazon and Audible.

For more on Steve Kahan, visit his website at www.beastartupsuperstar.com.

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