• Myles Biggs

Episode 66: Unique, Enjoyable, Serendipitous (feat. Erin Surrock)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

From graphic designer, to rock star, to NASA employee and back again - the name of this episode could not be more fitting.

Brace yourselves - this episode plays out like the recap of a Netflix original where the main character goes through multiple stages of life and self-discovery - once you start you will not hit pause!

This was a great episode to record, but also a hard one. Erin has so many stories and journeys, that we probably could do a 10 episode season on just her life. From her day job as a graphic designer, to moonlighting as a bassist in a rock band, landing a job with NASA (yes, that NASA) and buying a van to build-out and travel the country in - this woman has more life experience than half the people I know.

I'm excited for you to listen and to share with me what stuck with you the most. Listening to this one back, I get extremely energized and inspired to go and tackle my bucket list.

Listen to Episode 66 Now.


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