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Episode 17: Faith, Family, Kindness (featuring Kathleen Biggs)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Words of wisdom from one of the strongest women I know - my Mother.

I said it about the last episode, but I'll say it again - it's odd but awesome to sit down and interview a parent. For me and for them. My Mom is a private person so this was a big deal for her to agree to do this. Thanks again Mom!

Anyone that knows Kathie will not be surprised to hear her describe her life in three words as "faith, family and kindness."


I would describe my mother's faith as unwavering. I'll admit that, as a kid, I sometimes found this annoying. What kid wants to sit in church every Sunday? As an adult, I'm thankful for it. Her faith, and they way God has a place in all aspects of her life, has provide me with incredible examples of love and acceptance that I hope to pass down to my son.


Every heard the phrase "Momma Bear"? Mine was and is the fiercest of them all. She would always go to bat for me and for my sisters and her love knows no bounds. Family isn't always easy, but in my family it is "always". There is no question about it. Mom and Dad are the rocks.


I think this ties right back to faith. Her kindness is the way she witnesses her faith and shares it with the world. As a school nurse she sees plenty of things - and deals with plenty of people - that would give her enough reasons to choose actions that contradict kindness. In the interview she talks about how she believes God works through her and her kindness as a caretaker. I believe that!

This little synopsis just scratches the surface and she does a much better job at representing herself than I do here. So listen for yourself, and enjoy.

Oh, and pardon the birds chirping and the lawn mower that kicks on in the background. We recorded this on my parents' screened-in porch and I could not control the natural soundtrack. It's all part of the journey folks.

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