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Episode 15: Find Your Beach

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

No, this is not an article about Corona. Although, they certainly help put me in that beach-mood!

Claire and I took Mason to the beach for the first time over the July 4th holiday. I grew up near Long Beach Island in New Jersey and Claire's family spent each summer visiting Hilton Head Island, South Carolina - so we were super pumped to introduce Mason to our love of the water.

I recorded this episode after that week while I was processing something that Claire said to me there - "I love vacation Myles." She didn't mean to rock my world with that statement, but she certainly did. And in a good way.

Back in Episode 11, my sister Danielle's three words were "Work Isn't Everything" and she talked about her ability to disconnect from the office. I, unfortunately, do not find that an easy thing to do. I hold a high-level position in my professional life, which often means early morning meetings, late nights at the office, travel and, ultimately, stress.

Claire's statement brought me back down to the reality that I needed to focus more on finding a balance and take some advice from my younger sister.

Having grown up at the beach, I've always found a certain level of peace with my toes in the sand and the sound of waves. Living in Central Pennsylvania, that's not something I get to do all that often. But, I'm working to create that feeling in different ways and to "find my beach" in more accessible moments and places.

This episode is simply me being honest with myself and with all of you as a measure of accountability. I hope it can help some of you as well.


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