• Myles Biggs

Episode 9: Get Back Up (featuring John Filipek)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

When most people would have given up, John Filipek doubled down and turned a life-altering event from a negative to a positive.

It's crazy how you think you know someone and then they reveal a whole side to them you had no idea existed. Or they share with you a life-defining moment you didn't even know happened.

John is my cousin. And for all intensive purposes, one of the brothers I never had.

We're barely one year apart in age so growing up we were inseparable. Life took us in different directions, as it often does, but we've always come back to the "center" of family.

I wanted to interview him for this because we've always been so similar in our drive for personal growth and have both enjoyed our share of successes personally and professionally.

I knew he had faced some hardships in College, but never expected to hear the story he shares in this episode!

How's that for a cliff hanger? Cheers to you John!


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