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Episode 86: I Love Marion (featuring Myles Hergert, aka Grandfather)

Does an episode title get more romantic than this?

Relish The Journey podcast Episode 86
Marion Hergert (left) and Myles Hergert (right)

Last week you met my grandmother - Marion. This week I am proud to introduce you to the man who loves her unconditionally, my grandfather, and the man I am named after - Myles Hergert.

A fun fact about me that you may not know - I am actually the third Myles Joseph in my family. First came Myles J. McManus - my grandfather's uncle. Then came the star of this week's episode - Myles J. Hergert. And now, you're truly, Myles J. Biggs.

Perhaps it's the fact that I'm named after him, but I've always a special reverence for this man. After you listen to this episode I think you'll understand why. Grandfather was full of stories of how he started his career in the carpentry union, to starting his own real estate business, to getting into politics and beyond. And, of course, how he met the woman he loves more than anything.

In listening back to this episode, I came to the realization that my grandfather must have been one of the original side hustlers. The man always had multiple irons in the fire. Maybe I got more from him than just a name (wink, wink).

Thank you for this moment Grandfather and for sharing your stories with the world. I love you!

Listen to Episode 86 now.


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