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Episode 85: Die To Self (featuring Marion Hergert, aka Grandma)

I will always cherish this little moment in time.

Relish The Journey Podcast episode 85
My grandparents - Myles Hergert (left) and Marion Hergert (right).

Allow me to introduce my Grandmother - Marion Hergert.

As you can imagine, this was a very personal episode for me and one that I am very excited to share with the world!

If you're an avid listener of the show, you know that in the past few months I have made a career change. In between jobs, I had a few weeks of rest and relaxation. Knowing that a block of time like this does not come around all that often, I made a point to visit my grandparents from some one-on-one time and to cross two episodes off of the Relish The Journey bucket list.

As I listened to my grandmother talk about her life - what it was like for her growing up, how she met my grandfather, her career history, etc. - I was struck by the fact that I really only knew "grandma" and not "Marion." And I think this is true of a lot of elders in our lives. They take on these larger than life personas and personifications of their ranks within the family and we often don't stop to see past that. It's something that I hope to change about my interactions with family members going forward.

I hope this episode makes you want to sit down with someone you love and simply listen more than you talk. There is so much we can learn from each other.

Thank you for sharing your stories Grandma - I love you!

Listen to Episode 85 now.


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