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Episode 54: HerStories In Housing

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Episode 001 features Betsy Scott and Rachael Kelley of the Housing Innovation Alliance, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Betsy Scott

In last week's episode, I shared the audio from my presentation at the International Builders Show about how to start a podcast. While at the show, I found myself in the room with Betsy Scott and Rachael Kelley of the Housing Innovation Alliance.

At some point, the conversation transitioned from construction and home building in general, to the fact that women, even in 2019, still aren't always seen as delivering significant contributions to the industry.

Which is crazy!

Rachael Kelley

Women, while still in smaller number than men, hold some seriously important positions in large housing and construction-related companies, including positions like CEO, CFO, Executive Director and more.

So, after realizing the need to shine a bigger light on the topic, Betsy, Rachael and I - along with Dave Cooper, modular construction expert and videographer - decided to team up and tackle it. With their resources at the Housing Innovation Alliance, Betsy and Rachael have met, and will continue to meet, women from all across the housing industry. Dave and I will be interviewing these women for this podcast and Dave's online video series, with the goal of spreading their stories and increasing awareness of their impact on the housing industry.

Our goal will be to do this once a month - so stay tuned!

Do you know of a woman in the housing industry that should be featured on HerStories in Housing? Email me at Myles@RTJMedia.com and I would be more than happy to talk to her.

Listen to Episode 54 now.


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