• Myles Biggs

Episode 3: It's An Adventure (featuring Michael Tonart)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Michael Tonart, aka DJ Tonez, aka my college roommate, aka lifelong friend.

Mike and I from back in the college days

Freshman year of college will forever be one of my favorite times in life. Everything was new. It was a chance for everyone to reinvent and redefine ourselves and drop all of the baggage from high school. Your roommate freshman year either makes or breaks that experience. I definitely saw the negative impacts first-hand for a lot of people. But, thanks to our swim coach Jerry Hammaker, Mike and I found ourselves paired up in Asbury 118. The rest is history.

This podcast episode is one of my favorites because it's a true walk down memory lane. Mike and I lived together at school for our freshman, sophomore and junior years. We both swam for the school and both joined Lambda Chi Alpha. We're both Eagle Scouts and we both have a love for music.

Mike talks a lot about how he's turned that love for music into a successful DJ career in a short amount of time and how all of our shenanigans in college helped prepare him for his career in marketing, events and brand strategy.

Keep listening until you hear the story about our meeting with the Dean of Students senior year - then get ready for one hell of a funny story.


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