• Myles Biggs

Episode 89: Authentic, Ambitious, Humble (featuring Jay Louricas)

How one entrepreneur is using his personal experiences with addiction to change the world.

Jay Louricas on Relish The Journey Podcast, hosted by Myles Biggs

Jay Louricas (Lor-ee-kis) is focused on spreading the idea that adversity can lead to success. And he speaks from experience!

Growing up, Jay's father was a bad drug addict. This forced him, as a young teenager, to become the primary caregiver for his younger sister. Years later as a college student, Jay won a huge business competition hosted by the owner of the San Diego Padres and founded the company AddictionU.

Since then, he's also started his own marketing and media business and is currently developing a tech startup called Coursely.

Oh yeah, and he's a realtor -- on the side.

When Jay is not toiling away at the helm of three different companies or selling homes, he is on the public speaking circuit sharing his story with others and providing encouragement. He's proof that your negative experiences do not have to define your permanent identity!

This was a fantastic interview, and at the heart of all of Jay's stories is his compassion for others and his sincere desire to change the world. Listen to Episode 89 now.

Contact him - jay@jaylouricas.com Visit him online - www.The101.co Follow him on all the socials - @jaylouricas


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