• Myles Biggs

Episode 51: Keep Pushing Forward (feat. Nick McLaughlin, the Stationary Astronaut)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

If you love oxymorons, this is your guy.

There are plenty of oxymorons out there:

Jumbo shrimp

Growing smaller

Deafening silence

How about Stationary Astronaut? After listening to this episode you’ll be a believer.

Hailing from Minnesota, Nick McLaughlin is the man behind the Stationary Astronaut brand. He’s pointedly straight forward, open and honest about everything in his life - from previous criminal convictions and his belief in plant medicine, to his quiet confidence and ability to stand toe-to-toe with top executives and corporate boards. More recently, he’s perhaps better known as the man who brought Gary Vaynerchuck to Rochester, MN.

Nick and Stationary Astronaut was a real turning point for me. If you remember, back in Episode 1, I talked about how I have an over active mind and have had trouble feeling like I “fit” among all the “normal” people out there. This conversation confirmed for me that I’m not the weird one! There are other like-minded people out there.

People like Nick are my people. The thinkers. The movers and shakers. The hustlers. The people you can’t put in a neat box.

If you’re at all philosophical and enjoy some friendly introspective banter, buckle up and enjoy Episode 51.

Listen now.


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