• Myles Biggs

Episode 79: Kindness, Adventure, Expansion (featuring Leyah Valgardson)

Join us for the fourth episode of HerStories In Housing as we dive into masculine and feminine energies and how to harness them.

Leyah Valgardson is the founder of Leader's Voice - https://www.leadersvoice.co/ - an organization dedicated to helping women find and use their voice in their pursuit of leadership mastery.

Throughout her professional career, Leyah often felt as though her own voice was being questioned and that she was not in full ownership of her inner leader. So she set out to educate herself on what it means to find and own your voice and then started a company dedicated to sharing that knowledge with others.

I found this conversation to be incredibly interesting. I never thought about this topic from the perspective of "energy" before. But now, I can't help but notice traces of masculine or feminine energies everywhere I look!

If you're into the enneogram, astrology, or any other type of personality evaluation, you're really going to love what Leyah has to share about identifying your voice. Listen to our conversation now.

Find Leyah on social media @LeyahValgardson or online at Leadersvoice.co.

Listen to Episode 79 now.


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