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Episode 44: Lonely, Stressful, Motivational (featuring Jelani Martinez)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

A man on a mission to elevate clothing for the American Male.

Military school graduate. College dropout. Retail sales ninja. Entrepreneur. Future mogul.

Jelani Martinez is comfortable with being uncomfortable. Perhaps the most important quality for anyone looking to run and scale their own business.

Like many kids, he grew up being told that College was the ultimate goal and there were no other alternatives. (Very similar to Chad Evans in Episode 37.) However, like so many successful people, College was not for him. Being told to do something a certain way, when he knew in his heart another way was better, didn’t fit Jelani. So he left.

Dude is a badass.

He took those extra years out in the real world to earn a degree in busting his ass and leveraged it into a position where he was running an $11 million dollar retail operation.

People like Jelani, Dave Zablocki, Jay Velar and Michael Tonart all get me so pumped. I love the notion that anyone can kick the system, work through the trials of public doubt and come through the other side a dominant figure.

Listen to Jelani’s take on life and business here. And check out his company, Sartorial, Inc. at the links below:

Website - https://sartorialinc.com/

Sartorial Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sartorialinc/

Jelani's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jelanim1225/


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