• Myles Biggs

Episode 80 - Make Shit Happen (featuring Ryan Humphries)

Hear how a Navy veteran managed to spend zero time on a ship and went on to start an adventure training gym in Colorado.

Ryan Humphries (right) poses at his gym - Axistence.

I met Ryan Humphries through Dennis McGinley (who you met in Episode 76) and the STRIVENT Mastermind program. Our shared interested made it easy to get along - we're both Eagle Scouts, both into fitness, both had asthma as kids and we share a "make shit happen" mindset.

In this episode you'll hear Ryan talk about how his mindset wasn't always so dialed in. He struggled with college at first, enlisted in the Navy, tried college a second time, started his own business and has dedicated himself to a lifetime of learning and growth. Ryan is a "by the bootstraps" kind of guy. You'll be impressed by his fortitude and will take away several little nuggets of wisdom.

Listen to Episode 80 Now.

After listening, be sure to check out Ryan online at http://www.axistenceathletics.com.


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