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Episode 1: Meet Your Host

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Who the hell is Myles Biggs? Why should you care what he says?

I figured the best way to start this project would be to introduce myself to the world - that's the goal of Episode 1.

I'm the goofy guy pictured here to the right. That beautiful lady is my wife, Claire.

I describe myself as a deep thinker. I'm the annoying guy on road trips asking why the sky is blue and contemplating how long it took to blast through a mountain to build a highway. My mind is constantly racing and thinking about "the next thing." I've always been that way and I've always been surprised that not everyone is like this. When I ask someone, "what are you thinking?" and they say "nothing", it blows my mind.

That's how I found podcasts. I don't do well with silence and turned to podcasts to fill the empty space. I take my dog for walks every day, morning and night, and that is also my podcast time. My favorites are The Bobby Bones Show, The Bobby Cast, Armchair Expert, The Tony Robbins Podcast, The School of Greatness, Whiskey Riff Raff and The Back Pocket Podcast.

Why Not Me?

Listening to all of those podcasts, I found that most of them are already famous people, interviewing also famous people. I kept looking for podcasts that talked about the day-to-day things I was experiencing and had trouble finding them. So I created one.

My goal with the podcast is to interview my friends and family, but also interesting people I meet along my journey. I believe that every person has a story to share and my goal is to give them the platform to share it.

Relish The Journey Podcast

The name comes from a saying that one of my best friends lives by. He even has it tattooed on himself (more of that in Episode 2).

The idea is simple. Interview ordinary folks who have extraordinary things to share.

To get everyone to think deep like I do, I ask each guest to describe their life in three words. Those three words then become the name of their episode.

I hope you learn as much from my guests as I do. Cheers!


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