• Myles Biggs

Episode 90: Made Me Happier (featuring Michelle Moore)

How letting go of past negative experiences, and learning to forgive, can make you happier than ever before.

Michelle Moore on Relish The Journey Podcast with Myles Biggs

In this episode we dive deep into a story of childhood abandonment, the journey to forgiveness and how our personal stories can be harnesses to create positive momentum for others.

I met Michelle Moore about a year ago when I heard her speak at an industry event for the National Association of Home Builders and the Building Systems Council. She was a motivational speaker at this event and she led us through an exercise that had a huge impact on me personally, and also on this podcast. Her words never left me and I'm excited to finally have her on the show!

Michelle and I discuss one of her books, Abandonment To Forgiveness, and how she continues to draw upon some very personal experiences to help others reach new levels of happiness for themselves.

Listen to Episode 90 now.

For more on Michelle, connect to her on LinkedIn or visit her online at https://nashvillemichelle.com/ and https://realestatecoachingsimplified.com/


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