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Episode 67: Taxing, Fulfilling, Joyful (featuring Molly Seltzer)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

From solar farms in Hawaii to wind farms in Rhode Island - environmental journalism at its absolute finest.

Molly Seltzer off of Block Island, RI researching options in wind energy.

Molly Seltzer was introduced to me by a contact I made at the International Builder's Show in Las Vegas (shout out Michelle!). I love interviews like this. Ones that start with a stranger and end with a new friend and fellow crazy-dream-follower.

Molly's LinkedIn profile reads like a professional journalist, and as you listen to this episode you'll hear her speak with the confidence of one as well. But, even though she's been featured on huffpost.com and smithsonianmag.com, Molly exudes a humility that I found inspiring.

She also has a great sense of humor! This episode unofficially brought to you by 3M and Trader Joe's (listen and you'll get it).

Listen to Episode 67 Now.

Find more of Molly:



Email: mollyaseltzer@gmail.com


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