• Myles Biggs

Episode 22: Never Ever Quit (featuring Terrell Nixon)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The mindset of a mixed martial arts (MMA) badass.

Terrell also RARELY takes a serious photo

Terrell Nixon rarely needs an introduction. Most often because he either already knows everyone in the room, or bursts in with enough confidence that other people end up pointing him out and doing the introducing.

In talking with him on this podcast, I learned that he wasn't always this way. He used to be the tiny guy in high school that got picked on. That is, until the world of wrestling gave him an outlet and the confidence to take on any situation.

I admitted on our recording, and will again here, that I misjudged Terrell. I took him at surface level and only ever really saw him as the crazy, fun-loving guy in our fraternity and friend group. And I was wrong.

I though his intellect really came through in our conversation and his three words of "Never Ever Quit" and his stories surrounding them got me so pumped up I could have run through a wall.

I know you'll be inspired by him too.


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