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Episode 30: Never Give Up (featuring Jay Velar)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Disc Jockey (DJ), day trader and full-time hustler. If this guy doesn't get you pumped up, I don't know what will.

You'll hear at the beginning of most Relish The Journey Podcast episodes that I describe the show as a podcast about the many different pathways of life and the stories that every person out there has to share. I've been interviewing family, friends and acquaintances throughout 2018 with the hope that one day the show would extend further out in the world.

It took 30 episodes, but it happened. I've never met Jay Velar, but he's proof that my vision for the podcast holds true even with strangers. Special thanks to Michael Tonart (Episode 3) for sending Jay my way.

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Jay Velar: DJ and Day Trader

Listen to the full episode here.

It may be hard to believe, but this DJ who is now a staple on Crooklynclan.net (the #1 remix site in the world for DJs) and has been enlisted to remix tracks for Lil Jon himself, started out as a bottle boy, cleaning up clubs after the music was over.

As I learned quickly in talking with Jay, it's not his personality to simply blend in. He took it upon himself to approach the DJ at the club he was working at and ask him for lessons. His new routine became cleaning and then practicing until the sun came up.

While most people were sleeping, Jay Velar was working.

Flash forward and Jay is now juggling a successful DJ career with a successful stock market career and countless other production opportunities. Throughout the interview his enthusiasm was contagious. You can tell by how quickly he answered "describe your life in three words" with "never give up" that his answer was not bullshit.

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