• Myles Biggs

Episode 29: Perseverance, Trust, Love (featuring Megan Savner)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Three powerful words for a powerful outlook on life.

One of my favorite parts of this podcast project is when I get to interview family members. This week it's my cousin Megan (Filipek) Savner.

This specific episode is a favorite for several reasons.

First, I'm able to give Megan this time capsule of her life in this moment in time as she and her husband enjoy the journey of pregnancy for the first time.

Second, I was able to learn things about her as a person and not just my cousin. Often times we only hit surface-level topics in conversations during our twenty-plus person family gatherings, so it was great to dive deep with her on some life topics.

Third, she tells me to 'shut up' a few times, which makes me smile when I listen back to it. Who else but family can get away with that?

Special shout out to Ovia Health (not an ad) - Megan and I bonded on using the same app for tracking the size and development of baby during pregnancy. If anyone reading this is expecting - definitely recommend the app!


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