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Contentment, Sacrifice, Hard-Work: Getting pHERsonal about your finances

Kayla Trapp shares her plan for digging her family out of crushing debt.

While most people choose to completely disconnect from the real world on their honeymoon, Kayla stole a few moments to catch up on paying the monthly household bills. She was hit with the realization that, while she and her husband made a significant amount of money, she had no idea where that money was going and rarely had any "extra" left over.

When she put pen to paper and crunched the numbers, she learned that she was actually in debt. Significant debt.

Over $145,000 in debt!

Like many of us, Kayla was living beyond her means. Purchasing items for the status society conveys on those who own them, or to chase "likes" online.

She resolved to put an end to that lifestyle and created an online blog and community to document her journey of becoming debt-free.

Listen to her story.

Visit her online at www.phersonalfinance.com.

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