• Myles Biggs

Episode 92: Live Life Fully (featuring Sabrina Cadini)

Why you shouldn't be last on your own to-do list.

Sabrina Cadini on Relish The Journey podcast with Myles Biggs

Sabrina Cadini is more than just a life coach. She’s a certified brain fitness coach with a holistic approach; encompassing mind, body and spirit.

Sometimes it can be hard for Type A personalities to simply accept the assertions of a life or business coach. Sabrina’s education allows her to back up qualitative ideas with quantitative science.

In this episode we explore the gut-brain connection and how we literally are what we eat; how to rise from the ashes of burnout; the magic of neural genesis; why it’s important to have a life-work balance instead of the typically used work-life arrangement; and why we should never be last on our own to do lists.

My biggest take away is Sabrina’s notion that we are “human beings” and not “human doings”. Bringing the focus back into the present moment and on simply “being” has incredible ripple effects.

Listen now - Relish The Journey podcast episode 92 with Sabrina Cadini.


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