• Myles Biggs

Setbacks Vs. Failures

How we define each makes a HUGE difference.

How do you define failure? What does it look like for you? How does it feel?

In my experiences -- between podcasting and coaching fellow entrepreneurs -- I've found that failure is often just a gap in our own perception.

As long as we continue executing and moving forward these bumps in the road aren’t truly failures. More often than not, what we call a "failure" is really just a setback on our pathways to success and fulfillment. Setbacks are slight deviations from the path you thought you had to take, until you come around to the path you were meant to take.

A setback is something we learn from. We re-strategize and you re-engage Setbacks make us stronger.

Failure only truly happens when we stop.

What about you? Do you hit a road block and just walk away? Or, do you use that moment as an opportunity to learn and to grow?

Think about a failure you had recently and re-examine it with this new way of thinking.

Did you completely give up or was it just a setback? How different does it feel to define it as a setback? Does it lift a weight? Failure can be a heavy burden we carry around. It becomes an identity. It's one of the ultimate self-limiting beliefs. You’re not a failure if you hit a setback. You’re normal. It’s what you do when you hit a setback that makes the difference.

So, what will you do?

Please do me a favor and share this podcast. Everyone could use a little mindset adjustment right now.


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