• Myles Biggs

Show Up, Powerfully

In these surreal times, the only thing we can truly control is ourselves. 

There is a difference between showing up, and showing up powerfully. In these surreal times, the only thing we can truly control is ourselves.  So, while the Coronavirus is raging, look inward and make a decision about who you are going to be through all of this and when all of this is over.

I first heard this phrase about showing up in a powerful way from Dennis McGinley. Since hearing it, I have found it to be a true law of existence -- like gravity, it's always true, it's always there.

When we simply "show up" we go through the motions. We're present, physically. But not 100% mentally. When we "show up powerfully" we're all in. There is nothing else more important than the present moment we currently occupy, and we give 100% to whatever it is we are involved in.

Right now, the world is in a wild place. Millions of people are quarantined around the world and thousands upon thousands are dying from the invisible war raged by COVID-19.

We're all faced with a choice.

We can simply "show up" in these difficult times:

  • We can clock into our virtual work environments and put in minimal effort since no one can see us,

  • We can use the Zoom hack that allows you to play a loop of yourself so that you don't actually have to be on the call,

  • We can stick our kinds in front of the TV all day instead of being engaged in our parenting, and

  • We can let our personal hygiene, mental health and physical fitness erode as routines are interrupted.

Or, we can show up, POWERFULLY:

  • We can double down on our careers by taking courses, thinking outside of the box and volunteering to do more as a way to help our employers and colleagues,

  • We can show up early for video conferences, spread smiles with a joke and listen intently instead of halfheartedly while giving in to other, digital distractions,

  • We can allow our childhood imaginations to run wild with our little ones -- building cardboard forts, turn home schooling into Jeopardy-like trivia madness and have ice cream for lunch (make some memories!), and

  • We can kick excuses to the curb by turning on YouTube for free exercise courses, running outside, running up our own stairs, meditating, eating healthy and showering/brushing teeth everyday (yes, even when no one "sees" us).

Every moment of hardship is an opportunity for growth. Be the badass phoenix that rises from the ashes of these tumultuous times!

If we're honest with ourselves, we have more reasons to show up powerfully than we do reasons to simply go through the motions.

How do you show up powerfully? I want to hear from you! Email me at myles@rtjmedia.com

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