• Myles Biggs

Episode 13: Simple, Happy, Content (featuring Paul McCarthy)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

From pugs to tattoos, Paul McCarthy is living the good life in The Green Mountain State.

Back when I interviewed Morgan in Episodes 4 and 5, we reminisced A LOT about our formative years raising hell at Stones Crossing Swim Club. Paul was right there with us for all of it.

From that time we thought we should start a rock band to endless hours of swim practice and all sorts of silly stunts in between, Paul is one of those guys that knows the many different sides to me. And I know his. That's what I loved about this episode.

I think you have to really know someone in their awkward years to full appreciate it when they have found themselves and are comfortable with who they are. I define Paul that way. He owns who he is and does what HE wants to do - other people's thoughts be damned. Which I respect.

Paul's loves include his instagram-worthy pug Maxwell, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing and craft beer. It's no wonder he left Pennsylvania to take up residence in Vermont!

I hope you enjoy his down-to-earth mentality and he inspires you to enjoy life's little moments.


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