• Myles Biggs

Episode 84: Stack Your Days

If you get one percent better each day, at the end of the year you'll be 365% better than the year before.

Relish The Journey podcast Episode 84 with Myles Biggs

I decided to record this solo episode because I am often asked how I am able to maintain this podcast, hold down a full time job, raise a son, stay happily married and travel the country pursuing other passions. Everyone seems to be looking for that silver bullet or that secret code word that will unlock the riches of the universe.

Spoiler alert - there is not one.

At least not that I have found!

Listen to Episode 84 now.

A few weeks after recording this episode, I started listening to the book Atomic Habits on Scribd. The author of this book, James Clear, does a much better job explaining the importance of habits than I do. So after you listen to me rant for 10 minutes in this podcast, go check out the book.

At the heart of this book, and this episode, is the idea that in order to achieve whatever your big life goal is, you have to put in the work. It takes consistent and persistent work every single day. Then, as if by magic, after days, months, years and decades of putting in this work, achievements even bigger than what you had originally imagined WILL materialize.

Give this episode a listen, give that book a listen/read and then send me your thoughts via email - Myles@RTJMedia.com - I'd love to get your take on the habits that have made you successful.


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