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Episode 52: Stone State Studio Social

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Stone State Entertainment - The Official Sponsor of Good Times

Remember Chad Evans? Back from Episode 37? He's an absolute mover and shaker with a vision for Making Central PA Great Again (sorry for the Trump reference). I'm excited that he's taking me along for the ride.

The last Thursday of every month, Chad hosts a Studio Social where he opens his doors to the community and works to facilitate connections within the creative community.

This is the first installation of a podcast at that event. It was awesome! Such an eclectic cross section of people.

Listen now.

For more info on each guest, check them out below:

3D Computer Geniuses - www.instagram.com/atmos3d

Kyle Alexander - wqkx.com | www.instagram.com/therealkylealexander

Brent Kessler - brentkesslermagic.com | facebook.com/themindtease

Aaron - Dumbloud - www.instagram.com/dumbloud | dumbloud.com | www.instagram.com/tizz_215

Colin Mason Wayne Whitfield - www.instagram.com/colin_masonwayne_whitfield

Shock Medusa - www.instagram.com/shock_medusa

RJ Gurba - SoundKapos.com

100kufis - www.instagram.com/100kufis

Scott Bernstein - The Stone Shop on Route 15 - stoneshoppa.com


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