• Myles Biggs

Episode 82: Surprising, Challenging, Rewarding (featuring Beverly Matter)

Join us for the sixth installation of HerStories In Housing, where we highlight the variety of ways women are impacting the future of housing.

In this episode, I am joined by Beverly Matter, Senior Vice President at Fifth Third Bank. We discussed how she got her start in the world of banking and the many different ways the lending industry impacts housing. She also gives excellent anecdotes and advice on how she's navigated the different stages of her career and how she is able to balance it all with a personal life. 

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For someone in such a high-powered position, he clarity on balance really struck me. Perhaps because that has been an area in my life where I've often struggled. Regardless, my main take away from this conversation with Beverly is that if we find a way to focus on the reward that can come out of every surprise or challenge that life throws our way, our feelings of fulfillment will be limitless.

This interview interview with Beverly Matter is part of HerStories in Housing, a collaboration with the Housing Innovation Alliance and Dave Cooper Live.


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