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Episode 56: Making Ordinary Extraordinary (featuring Andrew and Declan from The Backpocket Podcast)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Two wildly average guys dominating their sandbox that is the Twin Cities.

I've interviewed quite a few people from Minnesota:

- Tyler Webb, How They're Here Podcast

- Gabe Malinski, Never Peak Products

- Nick McLaughlin, Stationary Astronaut

- Andrew and Declan, Backpocket Podcast

- Brandon Poliszuk, The Social Butterfly

Funny enough, when I set up this interview with Andrew and Declan, they literally thought I lived near them in Minneapolis.

What Andrew and Declan didn't know at first was the fact that they are responsible for that list of people I just rattled off.

When I started Relish The Journey, I began following just about anyone I could find who was also doing a podcast. I found The Backpocket as they were heading into their second season (they are now on Season 3) and followed them along their journey. Then I started following the people they interviewed, then I started to reach out to those people, then I was interviewing them. These guys opened up my eyes to the fact that I was not the only person looking to capture the stories of your Average Joe.

This was a bucket list interview for me - I know you'll enjoy it!

Listen to Episode 56 now.


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