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Episode 60: The Best Workplace (feat. Anthony Constantino, Cofounder of Sticker Mule)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Don't be a jackass (laughs at own Mule pun), there's more to printing stickers than what meets the eye.

Meet Anthony Constantino, co-founder and CEO of StickerMule. Listen to Anthony talk all about how the company got its start and what drives him to keep growing the brand.

And StickerMule has some big news - they're hiring! And as the self-proclaimed "Best Workplace" by the CEO himself, it can't hurt to check out their openings.

But wait, there's more!

Anthony was cool enough to give Relish The Journey a $100 StickerMule gift card to raffle off to one lucky listener. To throw your hat in the ring, simply do the following:

1. Follow @RTJPodcast on Instagram

2. Follow @RTJPodcast on Twitter

3. Like @RTJPodcast on Facebook

4. Rate the podcast on iTunes

5. Send a screenshot of your social likes and rating to myles@rtjmedia.com and wait to see if you won

The winner will be announced before Episode 61 goes live.

Listen to Episode 60 now!


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