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Episode 50: The Road Trip (featuring Nick John)

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The very first guest ABSOLUTELY had to be the star of our 50th episode.

Can you hear the alarms going off? The air horns? Do you see the confetti? The swooning fans?


Shout out to all of my Travelers who have been with me from Episode 1. Love you guys and your feedback and support.

Nick John, one of my very best friends, was also my very first guest, and the man whose mantra gave me the name for this show. I felt it only proper to have him back for an update on his journey and to talk about this landmark moment for the podcast.

Shortly after we spoke the first time, for Episode 2, Nick embarked on a 45 day road trip across the country. He started in PA, then went to Florida, New Orleans, Arizona, California, and beyond.

The episode spans what it's like to hit the road with nothing but your car and your dog and how Nick found himself along the way. Spoiler Alert: there's an awesome It's A Wonderful Life analogy that sort of blew my mind - you'll enjoy it.

Special thanks to Nick's girlfriend Erin for adding some colorful commentary - watch out for an episode with her coming soon.

And again, THANK YOU to all of YOU. It's incredible what we've accomplished so far and we're only getting started.

Listen to Episode 50 here.


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