• Myles Biggs

Time vs. Discipline

What the COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us all about ourselves.

If you do not (or didn't) come out of quarantine with an added skill or side hustle, we'll finally know that it was never about having enough time -- it was about having enough discipline.

"You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it." -- Charles Buxton

I started working from home in the middle of March. As I close in on two full months of quarantine and separation from my normal routine, I realize that this has all been an incredible gift. Of course, I am not referring to the devastation of COVID-19 as a gift. I realize that this disease has had disastrous and lethal affects on much of the population. However, what has been a gift is this forced reset on our lives.

All of us who have used the excuse that we "do not have enough time" to pursue a certain goal, can no longer make this claim. Without commutes to the office or many external distractions, we've all been given the gift of "extra" time. However, like the quote above suggests, there is nothing truly extra about this time.

It's been there all along!

We simply weren't disciplined enough to full take advantage of it.

Treat what is left of your time in quarantine as an incubator, as a cocoon. Emerge on the other side of this with added skills, beefed-up side hustles, or a new business venture. Because YOU HAVE THE TIME. We all do.

We just have to make better use of it. Quarantine or no quarantine.

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