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Integrity, Partnership, Innovation

Inside the mind of Vaughan Buckley.

Vaughan Buckley is known throughout the housing industry as a modular construction expert, advocate and innovator.

Among all his accolades, he was named to Professional Builder magazine's Top 40 Under 40 list -- before his 30th birthday!

I sat down with Vaughan during the 2020 International Builder's Show to discuss his personal background and his meteoric rise in business. Whether moving from Australia to Philadelphia to pursue his dreams (and his wife), building a housing powerhouse from scratch, or going to law school as a way to properly advocate for his own interests, Vaughan doesn't do a single thing halfway.

Vaughan is proof that it's not just about what we put our minds to, but what we take action towards.

What struck me the most from our interview was Vaughan's poise. For a man who has every reason to be full of himself or arrogant, he made every point possible to focus all the attention on his team and not on himself. To the point of interrupting me to correct my choice of words when describing what "he" has done, to say what "we" have done.

That's the definition of a leader.

Connect with Vaughan Buckley on LinkedIn. For more information on his company Volumetric Building Companies (VBC), visit them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

COMING SOON: Watch a full video of our interview.


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