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Why not you?

If you suffer from impostor syndrome, read this right now.

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As I write this, the world is fully engulfed in the pandemic of COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus. Grocery stores are out of hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and (oddly enough) toilet paper.

These strange times have many of us confined to our homes and isolated with our own thoughts (and insecurities).

However, while the external world may seem to be ablaze, this is an excellent time to do some self-reflection and shore up our internal worlds.

Impostor Syndrome

In addition to my day job in marketing, I’m a bit of a side hustle collector – I run a podcast, recently wrote a book that I’m in the process of publishing, have my first TEDx talk this year, and I am a mastermind facilitator and business coach for entrepreneurs.

Within this community of entrepreneurs, we meet weekly on a video call for accountability to our broader business goals, and to explore areas of personal growth. Recently, during one of these calls, the conversation turned to impostor syndrome.

In case you’re not familiar with this term, impostor syndrome is the idea that you’re wholly unqualified to be in the position you’re in or doing what you’re doing. You believe that, any day, the world will find out who are unqualified, and you will be unmasked and denounced for the fraud you truly are.

Impostor syndrome can be crippling. In many ways it traps us, and we end up holding ourselves back from true success or fulfillment.

A world of impostors

The more entrepreneurs I network with, or successful people I interview on my podcast, Relish The Journey, the more I have learned that everyone feels like an impostor at some point in their career or life. We ask ourselves things like:

  • Who am I to start a podcast?

  • Who am I to write a book?

  • Who am I to give a TED talk?

  • Who am I to be a coach?

  • Why am I worthy of this?

But here’s the thing – ready for it?

If everyone feels like an impostor, that means no one is an impostor.

Read that again.

If everyone feels like an impostor, that means no one is an impostor.

This goes back to a previous conversation I started about allowing ourselves to be our own source of validation. If everyone is an impostor, that means there should be no reason to fear “getting found out.”

Which means, we have no excuse to not simply try. Hence my title: why not you?

Why not you?

When we ask ourselves these “Who am I” questions, our inner voices often return an answer along the lines of:

  • You could try, but you probably won’t be successful.

  • (insert name of famous person) already did this idea, so you can’t do it either.

  • No one is going to care about what you have to say.

Think about how different our world would be if anyone who ever decided to do something listened to that relentless, negative inner voice and didn’t attempt something new simply because someone else had already done it, or because they were afraid of failure.

We’d only have one car manufacturer, one type of phone, one brand of jeans, etc. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

The richness of our lives demands that each of us put ourselves out there, that we share our ideas and our stories. It’s time we start asking ourselves these questions:

  • Why not start a podcast?

  • Why not write a book?

  • Why not apply for a TED talk?

  • Why not start a coaching business?

  • Why not you?

The truth

If we’re honest with ourselves, the real fear we have is not being outed as an impostor, it’s becoming successful. We’re afraid that we can achieve our wild and crazy dreams.

When that happens, all our excuses melt away and we no longer have reasons to shy away from the spotlight. This can be a scarier inclination than impostor syndrome.

The truth is that if we don’t put ourselves out there, other people will. We’ll end up watching from the sidelines as other people “steal our idea” and massage it into something wonderful.

So, take advantage of all this indoor time to get serious about your next chapter.

Need help? Listen to this and then email me and I’ll help you dive in.


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