• Myles Biggs

You Should Care (But Not Worry) About What Other People Think

There is a HUGE difference between the two.

Should you care about what other people think? Should you worry about it? 


And no. 


Don't be.

Let's break it down.

I put myself out there a lot. Between podcasts, live streams, and articles like this one, I end up sharing massive pieces of my life with the world. So, naturally, people often ask me:

Do you care what other people think?


Do you worry about how people will perceive you?

Of course, I care what people think. We all do! And, if you hear someone acting tough and telling you that they don't care -- they are normally full of crap.

We should all care what other people think. In business, that "other" group is made up of our customers and the entire competitive marketplace. If we do not care what they think -- or worse yet, we ignore what they think -- it's often a one-way ticket to disaster.

However, there is a big difference between genuinely caring about what other people think and worrying about what they think or how they will perceive your actions.

People who care will listen, they will take action, and they will constantly improve.

People who worry will stress about events which have not yet happened, they will agonize over every negative comment, and they will ultimately stagnate and shy away from decisive action.

People who worry are living in a future which has not yet happened. People who care are living fully in the present moment.

To me, the only opinion that matters and should spur action is your own. Then, once you've taken action, allow feedback and what other people think to help you improve on your actions, to iterate, and to improve.

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